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Jaipur young lady Priyanka Solanki was a fervent devotee of ‘Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’. Much to her dismay that one day she would arrive up on the TV show herself, and her loved ones back at home would watch her on it. An across the nation challenge to locate the ideal courageous woman for onscreen hotshot RK opened the ways to her Neverland – Mumbai.

“Acting was my fantasy since I was a child, yet I wasn’t permitted to go to Mumbai to seek after it. When I won this challenge, at exactly that point was I permitted to leave home,” Priyanka lets us know.

After the challenge was declared on TV, Priyanka sent in her photographs and recordings, and was called to Mumbai for tryouts. “There were a few different candidates and I needed to clear three levels of tests to sack the part. I have never confronted the camera, nor have I taken any preparation in acting. As a child I used to sit in front of the TV and mimic performers. I’m super eager to have handled the part,” she says. So energized she is, that deserting the place where she grew up and remaining in Mumbai is appearing like a cakewalk to Priyanka. “I have companions in Mumbai who have bailed me out. I am searching for a level and when I get one I will request that my mom come and live with me. I haven’t confronted any inconveniences in Mumbai up until now, and I’m so amped up for my fantasies working out as expected that I am not by any means missing Jaipur,” Priyanka shares.

She considered in Subodh Public School in Jaipur and stopped training after Class XII so as to deal with her privately-run company. Furthermore, Priyanka says that it’s incredibly good fortunes that has handled her in showbiz. “It’s by fluke that I got this shot. I’m totally new to this industry and had no association with it at all. The first occasion when I was on set with the on-screen characters of the show, it was fantastic. They have turned into my motivation now,” says Priyanka, who might assume the part of an up and coming performing artist in the film business on the show. As per Priyanka, her part is marginally funny. “I’m appeared as marginally idiotic and doltish,” says she. Her people and companions back at home are additionally amped up for seeing her on screen. ‘They are happy to the point bursting – they sit through rehashes of the scenes to watch me,” she says.

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